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3D Modeling at its Best!

If you are an agency seeking CAD for your 3D or 2D modeling designs, stop looking now because Seasol Consultancy is offering you a friendly 3D modeling solution without any compromise on usability or functionality. You and your clients will be stunned right when they will land their eyes on our 3D modeling projects.

Architectural Modeling

Architectural modeling is the trickiest and requires someone with a sharp eye for creativity and finest details. Our 3D artists know how to make the best architecture models using their years of experience and diverse skill set.

Organic Modeling

Organic modeling is one of the toughest to create because nature is not easy to clone. However, experts at Seasol Consultancy know how to get the trickiest jobs done in the most efficient way. Order your organic models now!

Character Modeling

Character modeling outsourcing can be very beneficial if you want to have a mascot for your brand or are willing to turn a person from your company in to an anime or cartoon. Seasol Consultancy specializes in the character modeling area.

3D Animation (Rigging)

Character rigging is super-complex but many companies do require this type of animation. Seasol Consultancy specializes in rigging as well, which makes it a good option for those looking to outsource their 3D rigging projects.


Rendering is a crucial part of 3D animations. Our team also specializes in this area and is able to develop great animations that will meet your requirements. Talk to our specialists today to discuss the project possibilities!

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