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Teams produce great work. Intelivita believes in this adage. Our team of mobile app developers, web developers and creative designers are bonded together by an invisible thread. The thread of team camaraderie which helps us get work done against all odds.

We have professionals from all backgrounds and experience levels. Our diverse team helps bring to the table a unique value that helps us drive innovation.

When we say we are a team that does it all, we mean it. Give us a shot and you will know what we mean.

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Leading from the front

Intelivita is led by passionate leaders who are driven by the passion to build a great company that will surprise its clients with flawless service.

Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Giant Nerd...

Meet Oliver, our Director from Leeds who has been responsible for making Intelivita what it is today. Oliver began his career in Project Management but crossed over into UI/UX and Front End mobile delivery. In the age of the Smartphone, and Silicon Valley tech giant emergence, Oliver identified a need for outsource development requirements for small, medium and large organisations. Essentially Client’s handle the business, Intelivita handle the tech.

Currently Oliver is serving as the Director of Intelivita. He has taken it upon himself the onus of building Intelivita into a global digital corporation with an umbrella of digital services.

Mission & Vision

Where we are now & where we intend to go

We have come a long way helping startups and enterprises with digital transformation. Our journey is not yet over though, and continued growth will be centered on innovative digital solutions.


Digital Innovation for our Client’s to achieve their goals and aspirations for their projects. We have delivered for all types of Client’s, from Jack Parkin and his Social Media Startup Chatagram, to the global tech powerhouse Microsoft and their Virtual Reality disrupter Art of Works, and we will continue to help all our partners with the same passion and creativity, no matter their situation.


To be the first choice for clients who want affordable, state-of-the-art technology solutions for multi-faceted business requirements.

Our Values

Our Moral Compass that Drives us Forward

Intelivita is made up of people; people who put passion into everything they do. We are the dreamers and the doers. And everything our people do is molded around a set of values:

Seamless and Stress free Delivery

A great project includes a great delivery, with regular status updates, scope control and Customer Engagement

Innovative Solutions Provider

Our projects are delivered with a tailored solution in mind at the forefront of tech innovation

Long Client Relationships

Whether a single job or a portfolio of projects, we want to construct a long lasting Client Relationship with a mutual support network.

Client Focussed Delivery

We ensure no two projects are the same, ensuring our Clients goals and aspirations are met through Customer Focused Delivery

Our history

Tell tales about how we started and how we grew

Since its inception, Intelivita as web and mobile app development company has come a long way. Our Journey has been incredible and we thrive to provide seamless digital transformation solutions for startups and enterprise.


The Journey Begins

Intelivita becomes a legal entity in the UK, becoming registered as a company in the UK on 8th January 2018 after seeing an influx of larger organisations looking to join the ever-growing customer list.



The world goes crazy for the introduction of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. This provides the guys with an opportunity to expand their offering, bringing in a dedicated AR and VR team to compliment their already growing staff list.



It becomes clear Leeds won’t suffice, and a London team are established to manage the ever growing number of Southern Clients.



Intelivita becomes a legal entity in the UK, becoming registered as a company in the UK on 8th January 2018 after seeing an influx of larger organisations looking to join the ever-growing customer list.


The Market Leader

Clutch and GoodFirms recognize Intelivita as top mobile app developers in the UK in the fields of mobile application development, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Who Talk About Us

Intelivita Featured in

Good news spreads fast. We’re not one to boast, but Intelivita’s mobile app development work has been picked up and featured by digital publications across the world.


Our Work took Us

Our Developed Apps Have Been Featured In

Indeed this makes us proud as a mobile app development company. Check out the popular product forums, thriving social communities and app stores where our apps have made it to the leaderboards and favourite lists.

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