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Tableside order management

With Seasole POS, taking orders have never been faster or easier. No matter if you are taking ordertableside or at the counter, our cloud-based ordering system has all the features you’ll ever need for a better customer service.We understand that life in the restaurant moves at a breakneck pace, this is whywe have carefully designed each feature of Seasole POS to meet your day-to-day business requirements perfectly. Our cloud-based POS is created to increase your table turn, but not your frustration. Our much smarter software will help you increase sales and improve your services while reducing cost, these all factors will surely raise up your revenue bar.

Real-time reporting & analytics

You're a restaurateur, not a data scientist, so you definitely want a much-simplified way to understand what’s going within your business. And, we know, it could be just the last thing in your mind to spend hours poring over dozens of spreadsheets in order to get real numbers. So, let us do the figure crunching for you. Seasole POS reporting and analytics tools can give you all the critical insights you need to know. And for this, you are not supposed to be physically in your restaurant. Whether you're at home on iPad or on the way with your smartphone, you will get to know each business operation clearly.Our cloud-based POS enables you to maintain visibility into the organization’s processes through visualizing data with charts and graphs on the dashboard. With detailed reporting, you will have clear view of sales, customers preference, menu trend reports, and deep insights into your day-to-day business activities.

Customer loyalty program

As we know the importance of keeping customers happy and satisfied, we designed Seasole POS in the manner that can help you big in generating sales while keeping customers loyal and delightful. Our customer management feature can make you win customers heart. You can keep tabs on what your visitors and consumers like to eat and drink and how frequently they come to your restaurant, it will let you create great bond with them. Whether you are offering happy hour or some special discounts, you can use customer data in order to promote your sales, promotions, and deals. To keep customers coming back to your restaurant, you can also set a loyalty program to reward most loyal customers in order to strengthen your relationship with them.

Easy to use and learn

Created with the advanced technology and features, Seasole POS is designed to be easy to learn and simple to use. There isn’t any training required to get started with our cloud-based POS, neither you will need an IT support to understand the software. It is created in simplest way using high-rated technical advancement and technology. However, if there will be any confusions left, our customer support is there 24/7 to listen and resolve all the issues faced by our clients. Thus, you can rely using Seasole POS to streamline each business process like a pro!

Fast and convenient payment processing

Our powerful Seasole POS enables fast transactions by letting you accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash transactions with leading payment processors. Through configuring the interface and by adding modifiers and combo pricing will make your staff get orders and pricing right and quick without any hassle or error. You can upload new products’ list to configure your system quickly by directly importing items from excel to eliminate manual entry and save time. And, no matter what payment method your customer used while paying a bill, you will be able to keep a complete track of total income without a mess.

Complete control on menu

You know your menu and we know your POS. Your back-of-house employees put a ton of efforts and time into crafting incredibly good-looking and tasteful dishes, so, shouldn’t the menu within your point of sale be as meticulously crafted as your food?We highly think, it should be. Thus, we have designed Seasole POS specifically for restaurant staff-members, with a host of smart features like merchandize menu items with colored pictures and others to make your prep, menu ordering, and reporting process a masterpiece.Seasole POS is here to empower your patrons and servers to have a smooth, effective, efficient ordering experience — whether you’re full or quick service.

100% satisfactory customer support

Your restaurant is as great as its staff is. The same goes for your cloud-based POS and we make sure to provide you with customer support that stay focused and eager towards each client’s query with the motive of solving problems on urgent bases. We have high-tech troubleshooters which allow our support team to diagnose issues on your device instantly, anywhere in the world. Our team of professional hardware gurus is always there to help you diagnose hairier and bigger hardware challenges. Whenever, you feel any difficulty while handling Seasole POS features, feel free to contact our tech gurus, they will love to deliver best of the best services to keep you satisfied.


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